Are You in Need of Transmission Service?


While there are some ailments we can immediately identify on our vehicles (for example, a flat tire is pretty easy to spot!) not all broken parts can be as easily identified. Of all the hidden details on a car, the transmission is one of the most important. If a transmission isn't working properly, the rest of the car will not work properly. Unlike things such as flat tires or a cracked windshield, a malfunctioning transmission isn't always the easiest thing to spot. And due to the complexity of the part, a transmission is something that should be inspected by a team of trusted and professional auto technicians. The minute you begin to notice any different or odd fluids, smells, or behaviors emitting from your car it's important to take it in for inspection right away. Let us help you recognize the signs of an ailing transmission!

An Ominous Odor?

One of the key pieces that keeps the transmission working smoothly is the transmission fluid. The fluid ensures that the transmission parts are all lubricated and glide effortlessly in their movements. Drawing heat away from the metal parts and reducing friction, the transmission fluid is a vital part of a healthy transmission. But what happens when the transmission fluid is no longer working properly? What if it begins to burn? If your transmission begins to overheat and the fluid begins to burn you will find yourself smelling a strong burning scent when in your vehicle. While a burning smell is never a good sign in your vehicle, it's especially troublesome if it is the transmission fluid burning. With an increase in friction between moving parts you can begin to see damage caused to them the more they wear away. If you're unsure if your transmission fluid is burning or not, take a peek at the color. While transmission fluid should usually be a healthy red tone However, if it is burning you will notice a darker, murkier color.

Fluids that are Leaking?

With transmission fluid being such an important part of the transmission's health, it's vital to keep tabs on the level of the transmission fluid. The last thing you want is the transmission fluid leaking, reducing in amount, and then causing internal parts to rub against one another created friction and damage. One of ways to check if transmission fluid is leaking is by checking the level of the fluid. Unlike other fluids in the vehicle, such as oil, that lower in amount the more it is used, transmission fluid should stay the same level as the day the fluid was placed in the car. In addition, pay particular attention to any fluid you may notice leaking beneath the vehicle. While we might be more familiar with the appearance of leaking water or oil, transmission fluid is often a red color and can be identified by its unique color. Don't hesitate to get in touch with a nearby auto repair shop to have your transmission fluid inspected.

One of the easiest ways to ensure your vehicle is functioning at top quality is by staying on top of any necessary transmission service. If you start to notice any new or concerning behaviors coming from your transmission be sure to contact a nearby auto repair shop as soon as you can. If you're in need of transmission service in Orlando get in touch with us here at Express Oil Change at (407) 502-4984 right away! Our team of professional and knowledgeable auto technicians are here to answer any of your transmission questions.

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Written By John Grassia

Written and Published By MORBiZ

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