How to know if You need a Wheel Alignment


Have you noticed your car drifting ever so slightly to one side as you drive down the street? Or maybe you've found you need to keep your steering wheel turned a fraction of an angle to maintain a straight, forward motion. While this might seem like a small detail that is easily corrected with some creative steering, it is actually most likely the sign of a larger problem with your car's mechanics.

What Does It Mean

If you're wondering why this drifting is occurring, the most likely answer is that your tires are out of alignment. This means you probably need to get front end or 4-wheel alignment. Since your car is attached to its wheels via the vehicle's suspension system, the angle at which your tires are meeting the ground can be thrown off if your alignment is thrown off. It's vital that you contact a professional car service, such as Express Oil Change & Service, if you're concerned about your tire alignment. Not only will this maintain a smoother ride for you in your vehicle, it will increase the longevity of your tires.

How Can It Happen

If you've recently hit a pothole while driving, or found yourself frequenting rough roadways, there's a chance your alignment has been disrupted. Even the act of hitting the curb can cause an issue with your car's alignment. The most important thing is to stay closely attuned to the everyday intricacies of your individual car. This will allow you to more quickly notice when something is off with your car, even something as minor as a slight turn to your steering wheel.

How Poor Alignment Affects Your Tires

When your alignment isn't adjusted properly your tires are worn unevenly. This means you may be placing an excess of pressure on one side or area of your tires than another, wearing down a section more quickly than the rest. This means you will eventually need to replace your tires earlier than necessary. In addition, an uneven distribution of weight among your tires adds up to less efficient gas use, eventually increasing your overall gas budget.

If you find your car drifting to one side, be sure to connect with your local auto repair shop to receive an accurate evaluation of your vehicle's alignment. If you need a wheel alignment in Orlando head over to Express Oil Change and Service Center. Our team of technicians will provide efficient and reliable assistance and get you back on the road quickly. Anytime you need auto repair in Orlando give us a call at (407) 502-4984 right away.


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Written By John Grassia

Written and Published By MORBiZ

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