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10 Minute Oil ChangesWe know how important your time is. You have places to go, people to see and errands to run. You need to pick the kids up from school, drop them off at soccer practice and take the dog to the vet. But your car needs an oil change. In just 10 minutes the expert mechanics at Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers can change the oil and replace the oil filter. We want to get you back on the road in a quick and efficient manner so you don't have to worry about taking too much time out of your day to service your vehicle. When you need a 10 minute oil change in Orlando call Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers at (407) 502-4984 to make an appointment, or just drop by! We specialize in full synthetic and synthetic oil blends.

Why Change to Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic Oil is nothing new. It has been around since the advent of jet engines. So why use it in road vehicles?

Synthetic oil is now the standard in new vehicles because of its ability to prolong engine life and improve gas mileage. Manufacturers are also using it to protect their powertrain warranties. Synthetic oil greatly reduces friction between internal moving parts thus prolonging engine life and this reduced friction causes the engine to not work so hard thus improving gas mileage.

Heat is the worst enemy of engines, computers, etc. Heat causes seals and gaskets to harden and eventually leak. Synthetic oil is keeps seals and gaskets soft thus reducing the chance of leaks. Heat also breaks down oil additives. Synthetic oil is extremely heat resistant preserving the protection of the additives and raises the flash point which prevents the oil from "smoking away". Synthetic is extremely clean burning thus reducing harmful deposits and sludge that could build up inside the engine, and is also eco friendly.

If you plan on keeping your car for a long time, switch over to Valvoline Synthetic and protect your investment.

The Importance of an Oil Change

Changing your vehicles oil is the most basic thing you can do to ensure the engine has a long and healthy life. When you change the oil it removes engine sludge buildup and fresh oil helps to regulate engine operating temperature, so it keeps your engine cooler. The primary function of engine oil is to keep all the moving parts of your engine lubricated, to prevent metal on metal grinding, which can cause catastrophic engine damage that would likely require extensive auto repair. When you get your oil changed at Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers ask about upgrading to a synthetic blend or full synthetic to receive a free tire rotation.

Maintenance Vehicle Manufacturer's SpecificationEngine oil should be changed according to your vehicle manufacturer's specification. Most cars and trucks require an oil change every 3,000 to 10,000 miles. Our professional auto technicians can change your oil to get you back on the road of life in just 10 minutes! Make an appointment for the fastest oil change in Orlando by calling Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers today at (407) 502-4984! We offer the fastest oil change in Orlando!

"My girlfriend needed an oil change and we found this place on Groupon, figured that we would give it a shot. She has a new Corolla with a paper filter that Walmart could not handle but this place had all the items necessary to get it done. Staff was smiling and very friendly. Didn't get that dubious vibe that other mechanic places give. The wait time was perfectly acceptable and communication was great. I can not vouch for anything other than an oil change, but I would take my car her if I needed it worked on for any reason. Went back a second time and had the same great experience. If you need an oil change, get it done here."
~ Daniel S.

Amazing Service
"Amazing service everyone is very helpful and Charles was wonderful at answering my questions."
~ Nicole

Go-To Shop
"Was greeted by a very nice guy who told me to pull up for my oil change. From then I spoke to Jason for a while about my car. He was absolutely awesome the whole time and answered any and every question I had. The rest of the crew was very nice and sincere as well and I did not feel llike they were trying to upscale anything or rip me off or recommend anything that's not needed like MOST places. Definitely my new "go-to" shop from now on and already recommended the shop to my dad and a few friends. Awesome service-couldn't ask for more."
~ Christian C.

They Were Awesome
"They were efficient and absolutely the most courteous staff I have encountered. I am newly single after 20 years and was very nervous to do my first oil change on my own. Definitely not afraid anymore. THANKS!"
~ Mayra A.

Done the Right Way
"Every time we bring a vehicle in for service all of the associates are very friendly and welcoming. They provide lots of information and take the time to answer questions. I bring my two family vehicles here and have started bringing my company vehicle. I know it is being don't the right way."
~ Manny N.

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The Importance of an Oil Change

Military Discount
"Excellent service and primary rep was congenial and knowledgeable, without being overbearing. He noticed I paid with a Navy Fed Cred Union card and without me asking, advised that they give military discounts. In and out quickly and has become my go-to place for future service."
~ Greg K.

They Remembered
"I totally forgot about tire air and they remembered. It was nice that I didn't have to remind them."
~ Beatriz R.

Guys Were Great
"The guys that were working were great! Very knowledgeable and courteous! It was my first time ever stopping in and will definitely be coming back!"
~ Lindsay M.

Thanks For Being There
"Great people, great service, thanks for being there."
~ Harvey R.